Frequently asked questions

Where is ‘Girls Next Door’ based?

We are an online based platform. As we are in our first stages we are only catering to Delhi and NCR.

Where are your products shipped from?

Our products are shipped from Delhi NCR.

Can you ship internationally or process international credit cards?

At this time we do not offer international shipping and cannot accept credit cards from outside of the Country.

How long will it take me to get my order ?

For standard shipping, you should receive your order within 4-5 business days.

Can I cancel or change my order?

We begin processing orders as soon as they are placed, for this reason we are unable to cancel or make changes to orders.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept payment through bank transfer and paytm.

What do you mean by return insurance?

FOR THE SELLER: In order to get back the item you have provided to us, with the expectation of being sold - you are required to pay a certain amount, since the item is already uploaded on the website and is out in the market.

What precautions has Girls Next Door undertaken in the time of this pandemic?

GnD ensures that the clothes are thoroughly cleaned through a systematic procedure. In addition to this we also undertake extreme cleaning and sanitisation of the packaging, along with daily temperature checks in place.

What is ‘Girls Next Door’’s return policy?

Since girls next door ensures that the garments received and sent out are in perfect condition, therefore goods once sold to the buyer aren’t accepted back.

Where can I find product sizing information?

All information related to sizing and brand of the product can be found next to the item in the ‘cart’ section.

When does the seller receive payment for the item provided by him/her?

The seller will receive payment within 2 days of the item being sold. The seller will be notified by GnD, once the item provided by them has been purchased and will receive the payment within a span of 2 days.

How can one contact GnD if they want to sell a clothing item?

Sellers can contact GnD on our Instagram handle - girlsnextdoor.tgnd or email us at

What items can one provide to GnD with the aspect of donation?

In addition to making a contribution towards helping the environment, GnD also believes in giving back to the society. We do this through our association with various charities. We accept donations of clothes as well as toys & books.

How does one acquire a purchase discount?

If you provide a donation of clothes or books/toys, girls next door acknowledges your contribution towards helping the less fortunate and provides you with a discount of 10% on your next purchase from the website.

What’s the criteria to keep in mind before providing GnD with an item you would want to sell?

Our first priority is the quality of the item closely followed by its sanitation. We would prefer it if you provide us the item after a regular home wash. Any stained items or items with foul odour will not be accepted. In addition to this, the items from prospective sellers will be evaluated through a questionnaire, available on our website.