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About us....

We at Girls Next Door, through our company’s motive of sustainable fashion, support the core foundational values of environmentalism. We advocate the principle of reusing; which involves selling, donating and buying - preowned items of clothing. Furthermore, buying products from GnD would allow liberal shoppers like you to purchase clothing that you love, without supporting unethical & insensitive production processes such as labour exploitation. By doing the bare minimum, we can come one step closer towards building an environment that we and our future generations deserve. In addition to making a contribution towards helping the environment, we also believe in giving back to the society through associating ourselves with various charities, as we strongly believe that one rises by lifting others.


        Sustainable cash-out:

        The seller will have two options

  • Either to sell or to donate

  • However clothing items given with the aspect of being sold need to meet the requirements of the general consumer and a specific standard

  • If the requirement is not met with, the item can be returned, but if the provider chooses to donate, he contributes to the wider cause and gets a 10% discount on the next item of clothing he/she chooses to purchase.

Let’s talk money💰💰

Payout for items that are likely to sell at a fast pace will be immediately available to the sender, while commission for those items that are expected to take longer to sell will not be received until the said item is purchased.

If you're a seller:

Since your convenience is of utmost priority to us, you can buy sell or donate through a medium of your choice. Your girls next door are available at: Instagram, WhatsApp, and our very own website!
URL: https://rb.gy/ghmihr

       +91 7503026666, +91 9910075850


How this works?

Added Benefits


Other than providing shoppers like you with easy access to sustainable fashion, ‘girls next door’ also provides an added benefit of acting as a platform where YOU also get a chance to sweeten your pockets.

Spread a smile!❤️

Keeping our association with charities in mind, your donation in the form of clothes will help brighten someone’s day and GnD as a form of acknowledgement of your contribution will provide you with a 10% discount on your next purchase!

Store next door!🏘 

Also, what’s better than having clothes delivered right to your door step in a span of 30 minutes?! Considering the aspect of proximity between us, GnD assures you the procurement of clothes at a time of your convenience.




To provide satisfactory quality of all items, we at Girls Next Door ensure inspection of each item of clothing, through a systemised procedure of thoroughly washing and ironing of the clothes we receive. This will be done in order to ensure items are in mint condition and meet your expectations, as your satisfaction is our priority.