Terms & Conditions:

You must read these terms and conditions carefully. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you must not order any product(s) through the website. Purchasing a product will be considered acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Although Girls Next Door ensures timely deliveries, There might be some delays as we need to comply with the current circumstances and government restrictions. 

•Each seller is permitted to give only 1 article of clothing that they wish to donate, along with the item they wish to sell.

•we accept both men and women’s clothing for purposes of reselling and donation at girls next door. 

•After passing the digital inspection of the item you wish to sell, we will send over a person to pick up the said item for physical inspection. 

•Once ready, please ​inform us via - DM/whatsapp or call, and our runner will come and collect all the
product(s) from your ​doorstep.

•Our in- house professionals will then evaluate the product(s) for :
- AUTHENTICATION ( if you claim that the item you wish to sell belongs to a luxury brand, we will have to check its authenticity as well) if the said product is found to be inauthentic, then the item will be returned to you at a nominal charge of ₹100 or can be picked up from our office at no charge.

•Once the product(s) passes the ​all evaluation,​ we will ​email/Dm/whatsapp
you the costing at which your products can be sold.

•Girls Next Door holds the right to take subjective percentage (depending upon the conditions of the clothes) of the total cost at which the item provided by you is sold. 

•once you agree on the costing of the products, we will email you an agreement which has to be duly signed by you and returned back at the same time, as a form of confirmation of our contract.

•On the contrary, if the costing of any product or all products is not agreable by you, then the product(s) would be returned back to you at a nominal cost of Rs. 100 or you can have it picked from our office at no charge.

•Once the agreement is signed, we will start with the ​cleaning process​ including further sanitisation & photoshoot of the product(s).

•Please note, the product(s) would be listed on the website within ​2-3 days​ of signing of the agreement. Girls Next Door would also hold the right promote your items on social media.

•The product(s) would be listed on our website for a duration of ​3 months​. If any product or products do not move after 3 months then they will be taken off and returned back
Your product(s) can continue being listed for ​2 more months on a discounted price after your approval.

•If for whatever reason, you ​do not wish to sell your product(s) anymore​ or would want your product(s) back before the agreement is over or before 4 months, we will charge you​ 20% of the cost offered​ to you as our handling fee.

• Please note, we will be charging ​the buyer For delivery & any additional value added services.

•Once the item is sold, our team will inform you through email/whatsapp/Dm.

•Once the product(s) are sold, ​payment will be done via bank transfer/paytm within 2 days of recieving the amount for the same. 

•All of the original imagery that we use, or suggest on our website or Instagram is not owned by us. We curate imagery from various sources and do not mean to infringe upon any copyright issues. In case of any copyright disputes, we are fully compliant with taking any necessary measures.

•The original image used to create our logo IS owned by us, incase of any illegal use of the logo - Girls Next Door Holds the right to make charges.

•We do not issue returns, exchanges, or refunds for products under any circumstances, unless the product has a defect from our side.

•All disputes are subjected to Delhi’s jurisdiction.